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Akansava is a platform that connects few genuine sellers who have physical businesses located in Kano to customers around the state and the nation at large.

We are Kano’s newest Online Directory & Marketplace with a goal of quickly growing into a place where Kano residents will go to shop conveniently.

Our mission is to be the number one go-to-place to discover great businesses, values and unique selections of real products for sale online in Kano.

Becoming a vendor/seller on Akansava means you automatically get an online version of your real shop or business here in Kano, someone from support would be assigned to your store for business assessment and verification (dropshippers included) if your application is accepted; however note that we only accept household B2C (business to customers) kind of businesses, meaning we only accept retailers who prove to know their businesses and can deliver to customers around Kano when an order is placed on their stores.

We guarantee to get you customers who will buy products listed on your store. We understand that Kano do not trust ecommerce websites very much because of fraud so it might take some time to warm the hearts of buyers but we can assure you that within 90 days you would have made sales of upto N10,000.

Here’s a peek into our powerful vendor dasboard and some of it’s features.

Vendor Store Settings


Each vendor selling on Akansava gets their own mini-storefront featuring all their information like store (business) name, store slug (same as store name), store description, message to customers, phone, email, address, time zone, store location (map) & social media handles, etc.
Please note that only agents assigned to your store can upload store cover image and logo during verification.


Vendors can specify their shipping, refund and cancellation/return/exchange polices right from their dashboards. However if this section is left blank the “”Akansava Policies” would be displayed at the policies section of every product pages.


Vendors should provide their banking details at the ’Billing’ section to be able to receive payments when their customers pay through our portal. Automatic disbursements after 24HRS.

Quick & Easy Product Creation

A. All your selling products. B. Add new product for sell.

Possibly the quickest product creation tool on the web with category selection, image upload, discounts, product descriptions, pricing, stock management, attributes, policies, the options are endless. Your assigned agent will walk you through on how to add new products yourself during verification & assessment.

All Products

Every single product you upload for sale on Akansava will be listed here, you can edit and update product info from here as well.

Add Product

You can add a new product to your store from here. A complete tutorial would be passed on to you by your dedicated store agent.

Order Management

With automatic emails, live SMS and/or Whatsapp messages we notify you of new sales, vendors can then contact customers for delivery details.

For online order managements (image above), vendors would be required to put in a little effort by updating orders from their dashboards. This will help us know what is selling and what is not for a more effective product marketing.

Integrated Payments

Most sales on Akansava Marketplace are paid for using “Cash On Delivery” methods, however when payments are made through our portal our advanced payment engine takes all the hassle out of accounting and automatically distributes to each vendor sales funds within 24HRS.

If you do not receive your payment after 24hrs please request for a direct ‘Withdrawal’ from your vendor dashboard. Withdrawal threshold on Akansava Marketplace is N1,000.

Stats & Reports


Your vendor dashboard has an overview stats/report page of product sales, total earnings, total number of orders placed on your store, purchased products, and number of unique customers who bought items from your shop.

The ‘Banking Overview’ shows your initial balance, total money credited to your bank account, total money debited as well as your end balance. You can also see details of your earned commission when you scroll down this page.

Please note that above images are for exemplary purposes only.

Recommendations: During assessment and verification we recommend you provide as much information as you can for a better representation of your business. You should endeavor to understand how your vendor dashboard works. You should provide at most ten (10) items or products that you’d like to sell online (subsequent product productions attract a fee after assessment).

To become a vendor, simply;

1. Apply for a vendorship account.
2. Get a call from Akansava support.
3. Get assessed and verified.
4. Pay your subscription.
5. Start selling UNLIMITED products.

Becoming a vendor on is not free, we charge a little fee for assessment, verification and upto ten (10) products production & advertising. Our yearly subscription is N10,500 and N45,000 to sell on Akansava for life.

The average brick & mortar shop and office rent within Kano metropolis are by far higher than what we charge and the products sold in your physical shop can only be assessed by customers who visit in person; whereas products listed and sold on Akansava can reach thousands if not millions of people living within and outside Kano state.

All you need to worry about when selling on is ‘how to deliver’ to your customers.

We guarantee 100% money back if you do not make sales of upto N10,000 in 90days, no questions asked.

If you have read this far then we assume you are really interested in selling products online. For a LIMITED time of 72HRS ONLY get 60% discount on our yearly subscription and own an online version of your physical store in Kano for one (1) whole year. That’s right apply now and pay N4,200 instead of N10,500.

Remember this offer will only last for 72HRS after which we would revert to our normal prices of N10,500 and N45,000 for our annual and life vendorships respectively.

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Take your business to a new level, add some colour to your existing business and discover a whole new way to sell products and acquire new customers…

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