Buyer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How to find a product to buy?

If you are looking for a product, you can simply type its name in the search engine of Akansava.com and choose the relevant products from the list that appears. To make things easier, you should filter the results on the basis of price, type, etc. If you want to try another option, you can also post an RFQ that allows you to get quotes from the vendors and select the one you find suitable.

How do I connect to vendor on Akansava?

You can connect with a vendor by clicking on the chat or envelop icon or simply checkout their ‘contact information’ that’s available on their business page. You can also click on the contact vendor button and send an inquiry. You can also contact the vendor via the product detail page. If you have bought products from the seller earlier, you can also connect to vendor via the My Favorites Page or the Order Detail Page.

How to buy directly from Akansava?

Buying directly from Akansava.com is very easy. You just need to place an order and avail our payment protection. When you do that, we will hold the payment you made to the vendor until you receive the product and approve of its quality and quantity. Only when you assure us that you are happy with the purchase, we will release the payment to the vendor. This method is highly appreciated by first-time buyers at Akansava.com because it ensures them their money won’t be wasted if they receive a bad product or a seller tries to cheat them in any manner.

What are the payment methods in Akansava?

There are many payment options available at Akansava.com. They are: ‘Cards’, ‘Transfers’, ‘Deposits’ and ‘Cash On Delivery’. We want to be a part of the Digital Kano revolution and hence, have made online payments easy for all our shoppers. Call us if you face any problems in getting your payments processed, or you have a doubt regarding payment security. Akansava.com makes sure that your payment transactions are highly secured and protected by Paystack.

How should I deal with complaints and issues on Akansava?

We are sorry that you have a complaint or you are facing a problem regarding akansava.com. You can let us know about it by accessing our contact form or via email at support@akansava.com or call 0808 081 7529 or WhatsApp at 0805 764 8888. In case you contacted a seller, who has stopped responding for some reason (maybe the seller has stopped selling the product you seek or hasn’t checked the Akansava.com account for some time), we will help you by providing a list of equally competent sellers who will be able to meet your requirements.

How can I get assurance of good quality on Akansava?

Akansava.com is a reputed and global b2b marketplace that allows you to connect with multiple vendors and filter them according to your criterion or judgment. We strive to ensure that every seller on Akansava.com is legit and verified, but we also request you to do some due diligence before making a decision. If you find any seller is fake or is not meeting the expected standards, you can report him or her and Akansava.com will initiate appropriate action. We also make payments secure for buyers via Paystack and urge you to use it if you want to keep the transactions secure.

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